With a magnificent view to the Main Parochial Church and nearby the Yayabo bridge

Main Attractions near Hotel del Rijo


Honorato Park "Plaza de Jesús"

Sancti Spiritus, Honorato Park

The Jesus Central Square (Honorato Park): it is located to the southwest of the historic downtown; it has been named Honorato Park since 1911. During the colonial time the pitchfork was located in this spot as punishment for the Spanish metropolis detractors. Afterwards, the place was transformed into a commercial and social venue.

Main Church "Iglesia Mayor"

Sancti Spiritus, Church MayorThe Main Church was declared national monument with a Roman and Baroque style construction. This is the second most well kept church of the island. This church was built in four stages: in 1514, when the village was founded, then in 1522  after being transferred to the Yayabo riverside, later on, in 1612 on the occasion of the Almendarez Bishop's visit, and finally in 1680.

Yayabo Bridge "Puente Yayabo"

Sancti Spiritus, Yayabo BridgeSancti Spiritus, Cafeteria nearby Yayabo Bridge

The Yayabo Bridge: this construction was a dream of the village residents since 1771 but it was materialized at the beginning of 1817 with an investment of over 30.000 pesos. Traditional materials were used in its construction such as sand, bricks and lime, all blended in milk, providing it a strong consistency. Likewise the Main Church, the Yayabo Bridge constitutes one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city, also declared a national monument.

Serafin Sanchez Park "Plaza de San Francisco"

Sancti Spiritus, Serafin Sanchez ParkThe San Francisco Square (Serafin Sanchez Park):  it is located in the city downtown with important commercial and cultural areas. Constructions of different centuries confer a distinctive mixture of past and present on the place.

Main Theatre "Teatro Principal"

All the village inhabitants cooperated in an active way in the construction of the theatre. The timber was carried from 20 miles away. On July 15, 1839 the construction was concluded.

Church La Caridad "Iglesia de la Caridad"

La Caridad Church: it was erected in 1717 transforming the place into the development centre of the city towards the north. The local hero Serafin Sanchez received the holy water in its old baptismal basin.

Square Tavern "Mesón de la Plaza"

The Square Tavern: it is a construction dating from the 18th century. It was the house of a Spanish wealthy farmer and in 1980 it transformed into the current tavern; it is a property of the Palmares tourist group.

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